The Best Poker Tournaments around the World

Poker is one of the most played card games in the world. There are so many casinos, and online casinos which have poker and millions of people play poker on a daily basis. Poker is a fun game, but you need to be very skillful and know how to bluff and trick the other players who are playing with you. Some of us may play poker for fun while others may play it for betting. Betting is one of the most important parts of the game. The winner is determined based on the combination of the cards in the player’s hand. Initially, poker was quite popularly played in the casinos but now as online casinos have thrived; many people play poker on a daily basis over the internet.


Many world-class tournaments which are conducted and the winner of the match gets so much money in the gamble.  The following are some of the best poker tournaments in the world.

  • World Series of poker.
  • World Poker Tour Championships.
  • Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure.
  • World Series of Poker Circuit New Orleans Latin.

World Series of poker:

The World Series of poker was first started in the year 1970 and is continued to be conducted every year. It is one of the most prestigious and famous poker tournaments in the whole world. The World Series of poker is held in Las Vegas, the city of gambling. The main events buy-in costs about $10,000 and has no limit. Whoever wins this tournament is crowned as one of the best poker players in the world. There is a tournament bracelet, and it is one of the most desired things of the game. The World Series of poker was started by a small gang of poker players that was organized by Benny Banion in the year 1970.

World Poker Tour Championships:

The World Poker Tour Championships started out in the year 2002. The events are held in the US and also all around the world. The poker matches held in the World Poker Tour Championships are also telecasted on the television so that many remote viewers can keep up with the game. The game has a $25,000 buy in the championship.

Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure:

The Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure is passed around all the world after it started in the year 2004. The Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure used to be held on a cruise ship but it is no longer like that, but it is held in a sunny place. One of the top rollers of this tournament was Steve O’Dwyer who won about $1,872,580 in the year 2012.

World Series of Poker Circuit New Orleans Latin:

New Orleans is one of the best places for you to visit if you want to have fun. The Bourbon Street is filled with people who are having so much fun.  The World Series of Poker Circuit New Orleans happens every year, and it is such a great experience to play poker at that event.





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